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Parent's Information


What to bring to Camp

     - Bible             - Athletic Clothes

     - Notebook      - Athletic Shoes

     - Pen/Pencil     - Towel

     - Pillow            - Toiletries

     - Jacket           - Camera

     - Bedding/Sleeping Bag

     - Modest one piece bathing suit

What NOT to bring to Camp

     - Cell phones   - MP3 players

     - Computers    - iPads/Tablets

     - Fireworks      - Pets

     - Alcohol         - Non-prescription drugs

     - Knives/weapons

Please see the Willowbrook brochure for more information.

Willowbrook Bible Camp Brochure 2023 >

Food at Willowbrook

If your child has a particular food allergy please contact Willowbrook Bible Camp.

Camp Standards

While at Willowbrook campers are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner. Youth are required to attend all the chapel messages and participate in all organized games. All clothing including bathing suits should be modest and appropriate. Foul language is not permitted and bullying  will not be tolerated. If a camper's behavior becomes unmanageable or distracting to the whole camp, the director has the authority to dismiss the camper from the camp.


The Bible is always taught at Willowbrook

New Food/Snack Policy

      Willowbrook Bible Camp is asking that NO outside food be brought into the camp. This will help us to provide a healthier environment for campers with food allergies or sensitivities.

       But good news! Due to this decision, the Snack Shack will be open more often during the day. Willowbrook also welcomes suggestions for new Snack Shack items. 


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